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Types of anti-fatigue mats
There are a number of different types of anti-fatigue mats. While all are intended to reduce back and joint stress, different work conditions and varying settings necessitate a variety of many styles. The following is a brief overview of the types of anti-fatigue mats you can expect to find on the market.
Sponge Base
anti-fatigue mat
Thick, sponge based coating is unique in that it features a smooth top while providing optimal support and comfort. The base is made of Nitricell, which is a combination of PVC and Nitrile rubber. The mat also features an anti-microbial surface for increased product life. While this isn't the least industrial type of anti-fatigue mat, this type of anti-fatigue mat is appropriate in the bathroom and/or kitchen and is available in a wide variety of styles and colors.
Soft Top
soft-top mats
Soft top anti-fatigue mats are covered with a microfiber fabric for a less industrial look than the sponge base mat and other, higher-grade variations. The soft-top anti-fatigue mat is specifically engineered for home use, and is ideal to match interior decorations and color palettes. These are the most customizable types of anti-fatigue mats, with an immense array of available colors. Some soft-top mats even feature logos of sports teams or companies.
Ultra Soft-Cell
Soft-Cell anti-fatigue mats
Soft-Cell anti-fatigue mats are composed of 100% urethane. The top has a rigid series of circles and rectangles that are elevated above the surface to protect against abrasion and induce greater comfort. The ultra-soft-cell mats also employ strong grip urethane on the bottom for maximum stability. While not very customizable, ultra soft-cell mats offer a great deal of comfort and are elegant in any setting.
Diamond-plate anti-fatigue floor mats
Diamond-plate anti-fatigue floor mats are intended for industrial settings and provide the strongest and most durable support. They use the same urethane techniques as the replica watches swiss soft-cell anti-fatigue mats, with an optimized elevation that increases durability for rougher settings.
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