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Anti-fatigue mats to match the décor

Anti-fatigue mats were originally conceived for industrial and workplace use, so it’s only natural that they have a utilitarian look. The standard anti-fatigue mat comes in dark grays or black, with the occasional bright yellow stripe for safety. Textures to mimic steel diamond patterns and they’re thick and durable, which is great of you have a hundred people passing over them on any given workday — but not ideal if you’re looking to bring the benefits of anti-fatigue mats into your home.

The most common place for an anti-fatigue mat is the kitchen, often in front of the sink (to relive your feet while washing dishes), at the counter or the stove. Anti-fatigue mats can also be useful in studios, in front of a drafting table or easel. If you work at home and are opting for an ergonomic standing desk, an anti-fatigue mat will make your workday more comfortable.

There are anti-fatigue mats specifically geared for the home rather than the workplace. They tend to be smaller, and among the many options are microfiber-covered kitchen mats, plush fleck-fabric covered mats, or mats customized with a logo.

Logo mats declare your allegiance to a team or other organizations, and as a fan, you’re probably quite happy to look at the colors the team has chosen for their logo. If a logo mat isn’t what you have in mind, anti-fatigue mats also come in a variety of colors to match the room décor. Mats are available in neutral colors — but don’t limit your definition of neutral to plain beiges and grays. Contrasting colors in the same tonal range may go nicely with your kitchen’s color palette, as well as surprising neutrals like deep green or a dark stormy blue.

Rest assured that home anti-fatigue mats have sacrificed functionality for good looks. Most anti-fatigue mats on the market will still boast rubberized anti-slip backing, long-wearing durability, and other properties that make these mats so desirable.

Anti-fatigue mats in a garage wood workshop, for example, matching room décor may be less of a concern. In which case, the industrial looks of most mats may not be an issue. Nevertheless, you can still select from a range of different surfaces and traits. There are mats with dirt-disguising confetti patterns, cheap replica watch or mats with a diamond-patterned surface to prevent slips, or mats coated in Nitrile rubber to protect against deterioration and contamination.

Adorning your kitchen or workspace with an anti-fatigue mat doesn't necessarily mean that you have to compromise your aesthetic — there are options.

Anti-Fatigue Mats
Anti-fatigue mats don't have to look out-of-place.
Types of Anti Fatigue Mats
Accents like yellow striping can help demarcate different areas in the workplace.
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